15 abr 2015

When Americans Use Their Strengths More, They Stress Less

But most do not use their strengths enough to maximize mood benefits

The more hours per day Americans get to use their strengths to do what they do best, the less likely they are to report experiencing worry, stress, anger, sadness, or physical pain “yesterday.” Fifty-two percent of Americans who use their strengths for zero to three hours a day are stressed, but this falls to 36% for Americans who use their strengths for 10 hours per day or more.

Twenty-one percent of Americans use their strengths for three hours or fewer per day and are, therefore, carrying a much heavier emotional burden than adults are who use their strengths throughout the day. About one in four adults use their strengths for 10 hours or more per day — meaning that three in four adults are not using their strengths enough hours daily to achieve the maximum emotional benefit.

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